Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 1

And here it is, folks. The first official day. First day of my new job. First day of my diet. And I am determined to do well at both. Not much else to say, so here's the reveal...
Weight: 247


Sunday, February 26, 2012

As the Blog Title Says...

All right, folks. Any faithful followers out there, I thank you for sticking with me. It's been a REEEEEEEEALLY long time since I last checked in and I deeply apologize for that. I kinda gave up even trying to seem interested anymore. But I have a purpose again. Well, a couple purposes, actually, but the main one to get me back on track is that in barely over a month I am going to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. I tried the dress on last night when I got home after picking it fits me very well. So well that I don't believe I'll need alterations. "That's a good thing, isn't it?" you ask. Yes and no. Yes, for obvious reasons that I don't have to go and get it altered (or have mom do it, as the case usually is!). No, because the dress size is a 26. Yep, that's a pretty big number for a dress size. And if you look at the picture of me in it, I look more like a 36. Okay, maybe a little exaggeration, but I look huge!
So I am going to get back to losing weight. MY way of losing weight, not Weight Watchers. Nothing against Weight Watchers, it really does work. But I have to count points and keep track and, to be frank, I'm a little lazy in that area. So I'm going to go back to proper portion sizes, more veggies, more water, less pasta (which has kinda been our staple here lately), and just in general less. I start a new job tomorrow, which is a good thing on many levels. Specifically on the weight loss level because it'll get me moving again. I've gone on walks and stuff since I quit my old job, but they were few and far between. Don't get me wrong...I'm not solely going to rely on work to get me moving. When the weather gets warmer I fully intend to take advantage of either walking to downtown Culpeper or go to the park with Jake and Mike.
On one final note...I convinced Mike to diet with me! I know it's going to be hard on him because he HATES diets. And I even told him he doesn't have to do what I do, just as long as he cuts back a little to help me out (for example: I'm going to try to cut out other drinks besides water or milk unless those aren't available, whereas he's just going to switch to more diet sodas instead of cutting them completely out).
I won't keep track of Mike's weight on here (unless he tells me that it's okay), but I will go back to weekly check-ins and monthly pictures (since Eric seemed to really want those before). I will start tomorrow morning with weigh-in and picture. I actually started dieting today, but I forgot to weigh myself. Plus with tomorrow being my first day, it'll kinda be a marker for me when I look back on when I started. So tune in tomorrow, kids!

(One final side note: The encouragement and constructive criticism really did help me before, so and comments are highly welcome! And hopefully this time a pregnancy won't get me out of had better not, anyway!!!)