Monday, September 27, 2010

Week #29

So I'm back in the gym. It's getting easier, but I still have to really push myself. I want to stop so bad. Like today...I had my book and I'm reading and walking. Sweat is POURING off of me! I happened to look down and saw only 8 minutes had gone by. What?!?!?! But I keep going...and going...and going. I finally finish with the treadmill. I'm thinking to myself, that was only half an hour. I would kill myself on the bike if I kept going. But you know what? I kept going. I got on the bike and pushed myself. My legs were burning, but I kept going. I was absolutely disgusting after my workout from sweat, but I did it!
So, after this week, I'm down to 245. Only one pound, which is kind of a letdown, but it is one pound. I know, Chris, I told you I was down to 243 at dad's party. I also had two cheeseburgers and two helpings of potato salad at said party... :-(
We'll see what happens next week...

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  1. Good for you, Sam! I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in several weeks so I totally know the feeling.