Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week #13 (yep, late again)

'Ello, loves! Hope you had a great week. I'm gonna get this off my chest now so I won't leave you in anticipation...yet again, there is no picture of me this week. I forgot to get someone to take it for me. Sorry...I may just wait until week #16 to post one.
Anyhoo...not too much happening. My back's feeling better, so I'm able to get back into the gym. Yeah, not so fun going back after taking two weeks off! I only went half an hour, but I'll get back up to what I was. My weight is back down this week. And I found out something...Now, see, last week when I weighed in I was at mom and dad's. I figured since I was already there I would use their scale. Well, when I saw the numbers on the scale, I freaked (hence the ominous entry last week). Something seemed a little fishy, though, so I tested it. I weighed myself at mom and dad's and then went home and weighed myself on my scale the same day in the same clothes. My theory was's scale is shows five pounds more than what mine does! So, really there was no need for the omission of weight last week. Well, I take that back. I had actually gained two pounds...but at least it wasn't the SEVEN I originally thought!
So, by going off of MY scale, I am now down to 236. Yay! I know I've been here before, but hopefully I can get below it by next week. That is my mission should I choose to accept it...which, of course, I do!

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  1. Keep it up sister! This is the week that you are going to break the plateau and dip past your high school weight. We are really proud of you!