Monday, May 31, 2010

Week #12 (actually on time!)

So, I've been thinking about something. I've been really lax here lately with my weight loss. You've read in the past that I will go along fine and then slowly go back to my old ways, then jerk myself back on path, then slowly drift again. This week is no different. I have no photo this week, and I'm also not going to tell you my weight as it is an embarrassment to all I have been trying to do. I have a plan that I'm thinking of, and I'd like to get some feedback if I could on this. Previously, I mentioned that I don't have a goal weight...that I'm just trying to lose weight period. Well, I think that's part of my problem. Because I don't have a goal, I kinda figure I can do what I want when I want. But I've found in the past that I work better under pressure, so therefore I need something to set my sights on...a deadline per se. So what I need now for feedback is for you guys to tell me what a rational weight loss goal is. Like, say, so many pounds a week? Or should I go monthly? Yearly I think would give me too much slack. I'll try to do some research to see if I can find a normal weight loss. Obviously, I don't want to set a goal too outrageous that I can't possibly reach it, like 50 pounds in a month or something like that. And I also know that my weight loss can and/or will possibly slow down over time, that's why I was wondering what a reasonable number is. Let me know what you guys think and hopefully next week embarrassment will be gone and you'll have a number again from me.

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  1. sam,
    first off---sorry i haven't posted lately. i am still reading and still super proud of you and everything you have done during this process. sure isn't easy--i'm so impressed w/ your honesty and vulnerability. it is truly admirable. i think few people are as brave as you. i still think it is about the process and establishing healthy lifestyle habits that you can maintain long term so that even after you reach a goal, you don't go back to the way things were. however, i agree, having a goal is very motivating. i think 1-2 pounds per week, not more, is healthy and attainable if you are disciplined. it means burning about 500-1000 calories than you consume each day.
    hang in there. you are giving yourself, mike, and your future family an amazing gift by doing this.
    lots of love from the philly millers