Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hi, guys...
Okay, I have to say something. I hope you all aren't too disappointed in me. I was just a little embarrassed.
I lied last week about how much weight I lost. I actually didn't lose two pounds. I didn't lose any. I gained a little weight. I know, all of you guys have supported me and encouraged me and I turned around and betrayed you and your trust. Sam...I'll admit I haven't eaten the best. I try to get as many veggies as I can, but some days I fall short. However, I've noticed the last two weeks I've steadily gained weight, and not to make excuses, I think I know why...
I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, right?!?! Now, I still need to go to the doctor, but I took three different tests and they were all STRONG positives!
Danielle, I have questions for the doctor you (and the mom you!). I know I need to ask my doctor, too, but as I think of them I may ask your opinion first so I don't call the doctor every two seconds! First question: I know you're only supposed to gain about no more than 30 pounds (on average), but what do I eat? How do I exercise? WHAT DO I DO??????? ;-)
I'm hoping to keep up with this blog, but it may turn more into a pregnancy blog for a bit if I do. We'll see!

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  1. I don't usually curse in public forums but HOLY SHIT THATS AWESOME!!!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you. Eat, eat, eat!! :)