Friday, November 19, 2010

7 weeks and 3 days

I know what you all are thinking..."Now why don't she write?!"
Sorry I kinda cut you guys off there for a bit. Obviously because of me being pregnant (yay!) I am not going to be losing weight. Well, at least I hope not. Not that it's impossible, but it's probably not very good. Anyhoo...
Because plans have changed a little bit, my blog will change with them. I won't be giving weekly updates. I'll probably be giving updates after each of my appointments. Now, closer to the date (which is July 4, 2011 now, by the way!) I may not be quite as up to updating the blog, so I apologize in advance!
I asked the doctor a few things while I was there...okay, I asked a lot of things! I asked about foods...I can have lunchmeat and hotdogs, they just have to be heated. Cheeses and milk have to be pasteurized (that sounds kinda "duh," but certain cheeses like feta aren't always). As for exercising, he told me pretty much anything is fine, just use common sense. If it hurts or I'm really tired or out of breath or something's not right, STOP! Take a breather. And as for me gaining weight, he said that 25-30 pounds is usually general rule, but different women have different pregnancies. He said that since I'm already started at a higher weight, I could only gain 15 pounds, and that would be fine. Heh, that would be GREAT in my opinion!
So, so far things are great. I guess my starting weight for this stage in my life is 251. But I've been eating really well...actually, as far as that goes, I'm really paranoid about making sure the baby's getting enough of the right nutrients that I'm eating better than I have in weeks! I take carrots and yogurt to work for lunch every day along with (so far) either my eggsalad sandwich or my good ol' peanut butter and jelly! And I'll take string cheese or a cheese stick with me, as well. I'll snack throughout the day, which I always thought was a bad thing, but I snack on the carrots or cheese sticks, so I figure that can't be too bad. I haven't been to the gym in about three weeks since I found out I was pregnant (well, the first week I was sick, so I didn't go then), just because I wanted to be sure I got the "okay" before I did anything I might regret later! But all's well, so I'm hoping to start back next know, Thanksgiving week...(hmmm...maybe I should have thought this through a bit more...) :-)
So, here's to a healthy baby! (and hopefully an equally healthy mama!)

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