Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pregnant Thoughts

If you've read my other blog, you'll know that random, off-the-wall thoughts just creep into my head from time to time. Well, obviously due to me being pregnant, those odd thoughts have a theme.
Like, the other day I went into a little freak-out mode. My brother and his wife just had a baby about a week ago. Being the dutiful aunt that I am, I clicked through the photos they posted of Britt Louise on Facebook and oohed and ahhed. I got to a picture of Eric, Anna, and Britt standing posed in their living room. Eric had one arm around Anna and effortlessly held little Britt on his forearm. It's a really cute picture, but the thought that popped in my head was, "Holy crap! My brother has a baby!!!" Trying to rationalize with myself, I thought about when my oldest brother and his wife had Emily a couple years ago. I remember looking at their pictures and the feelings I felt. None of them included, "Holy crap!" It was, "Cool! My brother had a baby! When are they coming down? I want to see her! I want to hold her!"
Now, don't get me wrong...those questions are going through my head with Eric, too. But the holy crap factor I think comes from him only being two years older than me, as opposed to ten. I think that he can't be old enough to have a child. He's too goofy to have a child!
Of course, this freaking out then turns to myself. I'M PREGNANT! HOLY FRIGGIN' CRAP!!!!!! Am I ready for this? Taking care of animals is a lot different than taking care of a child. Will I make a good mom? There's so much stuff I want to do for the baby...will she/he think it's dumb when he/she gets older? What traditions will we do? Will the baby keep them when it gets older? (Yes, I totally called the baby he, she, and it in one paragraph)
Anyhoo...I guess that's it.

(As a side note: I know I pick on my brother a lot. It's only because I love him. Obviously, none of the above-mentioned points are faults...they're strengths!)

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