Sunday, October 16, 2011

I really need to get better at this, I know! Sorry, guys! (those few that are still reading this!) I've gotten myself back on track with Weight Watchers. Even though I had to quit subscribing to it (due to financial reasons), mom got me the calculator, which is so freakin' cool! Those of you that don't have one or have never seen one, it looks like a small compact. Not only is it an actual math calculator, but it keeps track of the points you use for the day/week, how many you have daily based on your information, and can even calculate the points in a food item if you have the nutritional information. Yeah, this thing ROCKS!!! Thanks, mom!!!
So, now that I've gotten back on track, I am now down to 236. Yes, you read right. 2...3...6!!! I don't know the last time I was this little! Okay, so it's not "little" by any means, but for someone in my position, it feels good!

(And look, Eric...there's a new picture!)

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