Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 6

Hi, all!
To start out, I'd like to say I had a pretty awesome weekend! That being wasn't the greatest weekend for a diet. Friday, I helped set up for my friend's reception. I was hoping I could wait for dinner, but I hadn't eaten breakfast by accident that morning, so I grabbed a value meal at McDonald's. At the rehearsal dinner, Rodney Lillard's Mill Valley Barbeque catered. If anyone is from around the area, they know how good his catering is. So, of course, I ate WAY too much! Saturday was the wedding, and guess what! Rodney catered that, too! I did better there, what with having a big salad and only having one helping and one slice of cake. Plus, I danced my BUTT off! I had so much fun! And finally came Sunday, with mom's home cooking. We had lamb, salad, green beans (I didn't have any of those), scalloped potatoes, homemade rolls, strawberry jello/whipped cream/pretzel salad, and pineapple cake pudding stuff. Plus, lots of homemade candies and hot cross buns. I did pretty well with dinner, again having a big salad. The candies were what killed me, however.
I've also been keeping up with my "Six-Pack Abs Month" (which is KILLING me!!!!!) I did skip only one day and that was the wedding, but because I danced so much that I was aching the next morning, I hope that you guys will let it slide this one time. And I'm still walking several days a week. And now, the reveal...
Weight: 245.8 (Yay! Going down!)
Belly: 51 3/4 (That's up a little)
Hips: 49 1/4 (I think that's up some, too)
Though there's not much of a fluctuation, I'm feeling pretty good. Isn't seratonin released with exercising?

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