Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 5

Yay! I'm on time!So, ever since revamping my plan, I've been feeling pretty good. Another thing I started is exercising as well. I started walking around the neighborhood last week. Then I found this thing on Pinterest (love that site!) that has exercises each day for a month that center on a certain part. Technically this month is the focused on the butt, but last month was the abs, which is what I was more interested in. So, I'm altering it a bit to suit my needs. I started with the first day today and let me tell you, a plank is a lot harder than it looks!
So, I've been feeling pretty good. And as for the reveal...
Weight: 246.2 (yeah, it's the exact same as last sucks a little because I'd weighed myself earlier in the week and had actually lost some weight, but apparently gained it back by today)
Hips: 48 inches (lost a smidgen there!)
Belly: 51.5 inches (two whole inches! Woo-hoo!)
I'm going to keep up with the daily workouts and walking and we'll meet back next week.
Oh, and a special thanks to Sam for suggesting keeping tabs on my inches as well. You're right! Inches do help make me feel a little better that what I'm doing is still working, even if my weight doesn't go down.

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