Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week #10 (later again)

I hope all is well with you guys. I had kind of an action-packed week this past week...well, more like weekend. On a side-note before I get started...Eric, I was telling you before that my clothes are fitting better. The ultimate confirmation was when I went to karaoke last Tuesday. I decided to wear my black button-down shirt that you can roll up the sleeves. I haven't worn that shirt in FOREVER because it would always gap and pull. I decided I would try it on, and if it still was doing that, I would choose another top. Guess fit BEAUTIFULLY! No gapping! Hallelujah!
So Saturday mom threw Mike and me a housewarming party. It wasn't too much of a "party" unfortunately as many people couldn't make it. But family came, and it was fun all the same. Mom made the food which, of course, was AWESOME! I ate a lot of it. :-/ I had a lot of the fruit and veggies, though, so it wasn't bad. Those honey yum-yums are disasterous, though! It was a pounding, which is when everyone brings a pound or so of something. We now have rice, pasta, apples, and oranges to last us to the next millenium, I believe.
Sunday was a really nice day out, and thankfully I didn't have to work that evening as usual, so Mike and I decided to take the dogs to the park. Unbeknownst to us, Yowell Meadow Park in Culpeper has a one-mile nature trail in the back of it. We came upon it and were standing there, when Mike asked me, "You wanna give it a go?" I shrugged and said, "Sure! Why not?" So we went hiking with the dogs. It was a gorgeous trail. And the dogs loved it. Well, Lady more than Sprite. Sprite is not a "walking" dog. She is such a princess! It wasn't long before her pulling and tugging at the leash slowed down and her back end started drooping. I had to carry her every now and then. Finally, we came to the Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial. We were walking up the hill to it when I couldn't go any further. Sprite had plopped herself down in the shaded grass and wouldn't budge! I had a bottle of water with me and poured it in front of her face until she lapped at it. I passed the bottle to Mike for Lady, who proceeded to take the end of the bottle in her mouth and tipped her head back, just like you see horses do with whiskey bottles in the old Westerns! We headed back, finally making it out to the actual park itself. As we were making our way back to the car, Sprite was doing something funny. Every time we came up on a shady area, she'd start to slow down and drift toward the grass, sinking her body as she went. I'd give a tug and encourage her on, but the next shady spot she started to drift again. From the first time I started carrying her, I started putting words in her mouth...
"I am not used to this strenuous activity! I'm a pure-bred show dog! I'm far too cute to be out here hiking the backwoods like some mutt!" (she's a cocker spaniel and Lady is a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix, by the way)
So, after all that, I weighed in Monday at 236. Two more pounds gone! Woot!

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