Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 30

Hello, friends!
Well, as my body has gone through changes, I've been trying to adjust my lifestyle and routine around what it's able to do. That being said as a preface, apparently I'm not adjust enough. The past week or so, I've come home from work and after I've gotten my shower and eaten and such, I would occasionally start getting really bad cramping. Think menstrual (sorry, guys!), only a little sharper. Jake's also been riding low, bad enough at times that it feels as though I have...well, I won't go into details. He's just been very low, we'll put it at that. I've been very tired and out of breath, but that doesn't surprise me much, between general pregnancy and added weight to my already overweight self. But the cramping worried me some, especially since my aunt told me that she was actually a little dialated about two months before her second child was born.
I had my doctor's appointment today and got to hear the heartbeat again (I can never stop smiling at that sound!). He told me that I have a happy, healthy baby. When I told him about what was happening, he checked first to be sure I wasn't dialated, which thankfully I wasn't. He told me that it was my body and my baby's way of telling me that I need to take it easy. Of course, he tells me this the day before I have two over-100 pound grooms! I had thought that I was taking it easy...well, as easy as my job will let me. The girls at work have been helping a lot, what with not scheduling me a bunch of big dogs in one day (like they normally would), just in general not scheduling me a bunch of animals (like this time of year normally calls for), and helping with the heavy lifting. Now I have to do even less? You might as well put me on bedrest the next two months! (*sigh*) I'll try. It's hard, especially when I'm so used to lifting large dogs in the tub and doing 8, 9, sometimes even 10 grooms in one day.
As far as my weight, I've only gained one pound this past month, making me 274. That's not bad, in the sense of myself, but I hope that's okay for having a child in me. My next appointment is in two weeks, and then I think I go weekly after that. It's getting down to the wire!

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  1. glad things are going so well with the pregnancy and hope you are able to relax some