Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week #17

Well, people, there's ups and downs this week. On the down side, I unfortunately did not lose fact, I actually gained a lot of weight back. On the up side, however, I found a new love in the gym! I know, I sound a little fickle, don't I? My first love was the elliptical. I still like that well enough, but now I found...THE POOL! Actually, ironically, I was on the elliptical when I "discovered" the pool. Okay, okay, let me explain...
Mike was off the beginning of this week, so we went to the gym together. I didn't bring my book to read as I usually do as it's a little difficult to on the elliptical, since you use both your hands and feet. So instead of listening to music, I was flipping back and forth between "Judge Judy" and "American Choppers." Then I noticed on CBS, they were having something about water exercise and they were using little dumbbells. I flipped my headphones to that channel. They were talking about how water aerobics is a better workout as far as less stress on joints and it's a more fluid motion (no pun intended) than equipment or weights. The dumbbells they were showing (which the gym happens to have) weigh next to nothing out of the water. But because they want to float, it takes a lot to push them through the water, which is how you use them.
So after the elliptical, Mike and I changed to get into the pool. Powell Wellness Center has a really cool aquatic arena. There's an in-water track, three smaller side pools, a larger pool in the center, and a hot tub in another corner. Mike and I walked around the track for a bit using the new-found water weights, then went in the middle pool. I LOVE IT!!!!
All that said, here comes the bad part. As I said, last week I gained weight back...I'm at 240 again. But with no more reunions to go to, me going to the gym 4 days a week now, and my new friend the pool, hopefully I'll be back on track by next week. I'm sorry I disappointed you guys this week, but I will slap myself out of it. I promise.

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