Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week #20

Hello, all!
Last week was a pretty blah week again. Not much happening. So, I'll just cut right to the chase.
I'm down to 236 now. I've lost another pound this week...WOOT! A pound a week is just fine with me!
So really, that's about it. I said there wasn't much going on! You didn't believe me? Well, there is one other thing. Mike and I got our refund back from buying the house (the tax credit thing). We've divvied up all the money into where we want it (savings accounts, vacation, bills, etc.) and one of the things we wish to buy is a new laptop. Mike kinda fried our last one, even managing to somehow completely wiping out the standard built-in Wi-Fi so we can't get it back. But hopefully with a new laptop, I will be able to check in a little more regularly and I can get back to my beginning of the week weigh-ins. That'd be absolutely WONDERFUL!!!
So, yay for one pound less and yay for money! ;-)

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