Thursday, April 1, 2010

Like, OMG!

Okay, so I'm, like, SOOOOOO freakin' excited! (and apparently, like, sooo freakin' "valley girl") I spent the day hanging out with my friend, Heather, and her daughter, Chloe. Yes, that's cause for excitement enough, but there's something else. Poor Heather forgot her purse at home, and she really kinda needed it if she wanted to buy things at PetSmart. She just got a new dog...a really cute Eskimo Spitz. So she decided to run back to her house to retrieve said purse. While I waited for her to get back, I went to Target, initially intending just to look around. I found a book that I had wanted..."Big Girl" by Danielle Steele. I also grabbed the new season of Sex and the City. But the most exciting thing of all, and obviously the reason I am writing on this blog about it instead of my other one, is a dress. For Steve's wedding I had wanted a dress, but all the one's that I liked I either couldn't even fit in or they didn't hang right on me.
I had been looking in the ads that come with the Sunday paper my parents get, and I had seen in the Target ad a shirt dress and a wrap dress, both of which I had wanted for who knows how long. I didn't really pay them much attention because, due to Steve's wedding, I had given up on dresses for a while. Well, while I was in Target, I happened to see a wrap shirt dress that I had seen in the ad. I took a little while to decide, looking at it, holding it up to me, holding it out in front of me, putting it back on the rack. I had turned my back on it, then thought "What the hay...I'll try it. It's not like I have to buy it." So into the dressing room I went. When I put it on, I looked up in the mirror and was amazed to see how good it looked. And the best thing of all...IT FIT!!!! I was so happy! It wasn't clingy or anything! It fit and I looked pretty good in it! Then I thought about the shirt I was wearing today. I haven't worn it since last summer. It's kinda stretchy, and so fit me kinda snug. It's actually a little loose. And my jeans are feeling baggier. I've noticed at work that I'm almost to the next notch on my belt I use. IT'S WORKING!!!!! THE DIET IS WORKING!!!!!!!

(and P.S. I bought the dress!)

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  1. Thats AWESOME!!! I'm so so so excited for you!!! THere is no better feeling that fitting into something that didn't fit before, and lookin' good while you're at it.:) Keep it up!