Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week #6 (belated)

Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late posting this. Mike and I just got a new house (HALLELUJAH!!!!!!) and we don't have internet set up quite yet. I know some of my loyal followers probably won't get this (i.e. Eric and Anna), but since Danielle and Eric seem to be in sync with each other telepathically, anything Danielle says I'll just file away in my mind doubled! ;-) Love you guys!
Even though we don't have internet, one of the first things I got for the house was a scale, so I can still weigh myself in. Unfortunately, I was not able to get to the gym last week due to moving in and fixing up the house. I started back this week again, however, so all's well. Even though I feel like I'm rushing through this and not telling you guys anything going on in my life, really not much has happened this past week, other than moving in and getting settled. So, rather than bore you with details of deciding which paint colors I wanted and the placement of furniture, I will go on with...THE WEIGH-IN (cue dramatic music!).
I did weigh myself Monday, as always, and even though it's Thursday now, I will tell you Monday's weight. My weight as of Monday is...(pause for dramatic effect)...238! (Crowd cheering) Yes, yes...I had lost all the weight I had gained the weekend in Baltimore, plus some! I'm almost down to my high school weight of 235. I know, 235 sounds horrible for a high school weight, especially when you hear women who are in their 40s or so and have had multiple children and are wishing they could fit into their prom dresses again of size 2. But I'm happy! I really didn't think I'd be back down to even that! I'm hoping I'll get even lower. I've been following another blog of a woman through her journey of weight loss with Weight Watchers. She had set ultimate weight goals and milestones for herself. I haven't exactly gotten that far. For now I'm happy with every couple pounds I lose. I guess if I have to give myself an ultimate weight loss goal, it'd be about 175 (which would be my ideal body weight, what with my height and age and all), but for now at least 3-5 pounds a week is good for me!
So for now...tune in next week for more...or less, technically!

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  1. congrats on your new house!!new follower...glad i stopped by to ck out more of your blog...hope your having a great weekend~