Sunday, April 4, 2010


Mike and I have to move out soon. I think mom's out to get me. Today's Easter (as if you didn't know), and so mom's making Easter dinner. If anyone knows our family, especially our mother, we have big meals for holidays. Mom makes great food anyway, but today she's making A LOT of great food! And there's only three of us here to eat it! It's not exactly what one would call low-fat, either. Well, Paula Deen might think it's low-fat. ;-) What's on the menu, you ask? Here it is:

Rotisserie-style lamb
Miss Alice's potato casserole (hash browns...sour cream...cheese...loads of calories...the works!)
Steamed asparagus (I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it yet)
Green beans
Devilled eggs (I never understood why they were called that)
Dinner rolls
Fruit salad for dessert

Not to mention there's plenty of homemade coconut- and peanut butter-filled chocolate candy strategically placed around the house for your nibbling pleasure. What is this woman trying to do to me?!?!?!
Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. I must defend myself!!! The potato casserole does not have the 1/2 stick of melted butter in it that is called for, the veggies are steamed, lamb is on the rotisserie, dessert is fruit salad without any dressing and the rolls are optional. Portion control makes it all possible!!!

  2. I was brave enough to try the asparagus. I only had one spear, but it tasted pretty much like broccoli to me. And I think I did pretty well with portion control today. Except the devilled eggs...I had three...hence them being "devilled"!