Monday, April 5, 2010

Week #4

Another week has gone by. I feel I'm doing pretty well, now. I find I'm not as hungry in between meals. Drinking water has helped A LOT.
As you read in my previous blog, mom made a GREAT Easter dinner (as if she could make any other kind!). I did really well, surprising myself even by taking only correct sizes. It helped that there was a lot of food, so in order to fit it all on my plate I had to use smaller sizes anyway. I'm one of those people that don't like my food overlapping. I've been pushing myself at the gym as well. Mainly on the bike. I don't turn the resistence down part way through like I used to. My thighs have been letting me know it, too! I still do only an hour after work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, though today I only did half an hour as I got out of work really late and had had a hard day. I didn't even get a lunch break!
I guess not much else is going on. So, since this is the fourth week into this, roughly about a month, I will present you with a picture. I'll warn you now that it's not the greatest. I had just gotten home from the gym and gotten a shower and I hurt all over from lifting big dogs all day (and no...stupid me did not lift with my legs so my back is screaming at me...). So I'm in my comfy clothes, but I tried to find a somewhat tight-fitting shirt so you can see my frame easier. And now...(*drumroll*)...

I am down to other words, I have lost 21 pounds thus far! Holy macaral! I've NEVER lost this much before. I wasn't kidding earlier when I said I'd lose five pounds and give up. 21 pounds is NUTS!!!!
(and, yes, I pictures look like mugshots. Mike always catches me a little off-guard!)


  1. That picture already is night and day different from your original one. It's kind of crazy. I think what's even more awesome/crazier is that you go to gym now three times a week. That's great, and it will only get easier when you move closer to the gym. I'm proud of you Samantha. Oh by the way, you should come up with Mom and Dad on the morning of the 24th (a Saturday) to have breakfast with Anna and I in Warrenton, when we are in town, because if we can't go to the beach, I don't know when I will get to see everyone before I deploy again.

  2. You could smile though... you did just lose 7.9% of your weight...

    i'm addicted to following your blog and progress. so impressive what you have done and the way you are doing it. the pictures say it all. super glad to follow this journey w/ you and the rest of the family ---oh and agree w/ eric about the smiling!