Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week #22 (kinda)

Okay, so I guess you guys are wondering why I'm writing a little early. Come on, I know you're at least a little curious. Really, this isn't much of a joking matter.
I figured I'd go ahead and write a little early because I kinda have a bone to pick. Seeing as I highly doubt my weight will drastically drop in a day, I'll go ahead and write now. I'll go ahead and admit that I have gained weight back this past week. I'm up to 246. No, you don't need to get your eyes checked and it's not a typo. I gained 10 pounds back this last week. I didn't go to the gym due to some slackage on my behalf (obviously, as it couldn't be on anyone else's behalf). No, I haven't made the best food choices this past week either. But I'd like to believe that I didn't go absolutely crazy and eat everything in sight either. My previously stated bone to pick is that I think it absolutely, positively SUCKS that I give in a little and I gain a lot. I know it's all on me...I mean, no one else can lose my weight for me. But it's not fair that there are others that can eat just about everything in sight and hardly gain an ounce.
Take Eric for example (sorry Eric, you're the first one that comes to offense). Now, I don't know what he does or eats now (I know being in the military you have to be in shape and I know you have a gym membership and I know that your wife cooks REALLY healthy). But I remember in high school he would get two, sometimes three lunches and clean his tray. I realize that men and women have different metabolisms and the like, so there's really no comparison. But I have female friends that eat either all the time it seems, or at least what they do eat isn't always healthy. So why can they stay a size 4 and I can't get below a size 18?! It's so freakin' frustrating and completely bums me out!!!!!!!
I'm gonna try harder, redouble my efforts and get back in the gym again, but that's not exactly the point I'm trying to make. I know life's not fair, but I'm just so fed up.
Sorry, faithful followers. I just needed to rant a bit. I'll be okay.


  1. sam,
    it does suck, it really does. there is something just incredible about how people's metabolism differs. i'm one of the hated females b/c i think you know what i eat and get away with. it's not fair. just want to make sure though that you have had a blood test to check your thyroid glad--sometimes an underactive thyroid can be a medical reason for this kind of weight gain.
    again, i know you don't have it easy --and i understand how this week is such a downer for you. the silver lining (prob easier for me to see it than you, i would imagine) is that again with all you do---either lose weight or gain it, you are learning so much about your body and how it responds to food and exercise. i still am convinced this knowledge will ultimately pay off for you. i am proud of you all the time and just always impressed with how candid you are being and how much courage that takes.
    lots of love,

  2. Thank you so much, Danielle. I appreciate all the support you and the rest of my family and friends give me through every aspect of my life, especially this. You can never know how much it means to me. As for my thyroid, it's been checked a couple times, as I've had overall blood tests due to other medical reasons. The most recent was right when I began my "adventure" in losing weight. Every time it comes back normal.

  3. A side note for my readers: I hope in no way did I offend anyone (especially Eric). I'm not blaming anyone. There's no one to blame. I just wanted to clarify that.