Monday, August 23, 2010

Week #24

So, not much happening this past week. Kinda dull, really. Just work. No big.
Okay, okay. I guess you get the big, blank picture. My life's boring. Well, maybe not BORING, but not exactly on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting either.
So this week my weight is 237. Yep. Another pound gone. Seems things are getting back on track. It's supposed to be relatively cool the next couple of days. I'm hoping instead of hitting the gym I can maybe go to the park. And take Lady for a walk. Lady's my German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix dog, for those that don't know. She LOVES to go on walks. I would take Sprite, my Cocker Spaniel, but she's not the best walking dog. She zigs and zags and pulls and stops to smell the flowers...which may be a great philosophy for life, but not for walking. Maybe I'll see if I can take Steve's Anna up on her offer to have a walking buddy, too. That'd be cool. I guess we'll see...
Peace out!

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