Monday, August 30, 2010

Week #25

Sup, yo!
Not a whole lot yet again this weekend. I have not been going to the gym (bad, I know). The pool right now is down due to maintanence, I think, so my big urge to go has dwindled. I know, I need to use the equipment, too. But it's just not as fun! As it won't be up again for another couple weeks, we'll see if I can drag myself there. Doesn't look promising. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the beach! Yay!!! I so need a vacation. Work's driving me nuts (I know, it wasn't a far drive). Jimmy, Katie, Jason, Stephanie, Mike, and I are all going down to Nags Head. And I actually mean Nags Head. Some people use Nags Head as a general term for the Outer Banks. Normally my family stays in Corolla, but we got a small house further south on the island. So the Monday after next, you may not hear from me, as I will not have a scale down there. Maybe I'll check in the Friday before I leave...again, not so promising, as I'll be packing and getting ready and will therefore probably forget.
So, for this week...238. I went back up a bit. I know. But maybe that's from the gym, or lack thereof? I'm not too freaked about it. I've been slipping a bit. But I'll be fine.


  1. Hey sis! What ever happened to pictures? Just sayin'...Keep up the awesome work...Oklahoma's still cheering for you!!

  2. Remember? I stopped doing pictures because I kept yo-yoing. So I figured WHENEVER I get down to the 30 pounds off mark, I'll take another picture.
    And thanks for all the support!

  3. sam,
    have i told you how proud of you i am? ok, maybe i have but seriously...i've told several colleagues of mine how awesome i think it is that you blog and how honest and vulnerable you have been through this process. they are impressed. love from philly!