Monday, March 8, 2010

Cue "Rocky Theme"

I'm glad you all followed me over here! You know, the whole two of you! No, I know there's more of you. Anyhoo...If you came by way of my other blog "Life's a Musical" you'll know that I'm doing this because I want to lose weight and feel better about myself. I've dealt with weight problems my whole life, and have now discovered that I am at my all-time high at 263 pounds. Yes, you read correctly. As embarrassing as it is to tell you my weight, I am doing it to give you, and myself, a starting reference. I get lower back pain throughout the day due to bad posture and just hanging weight. I'm always winded just from doing small things. I've had the awkward moment when a complete stranger asked me when I was due (it didn't help that I had a pale blue scrub top with puppies all over it, but that's beside the point). But to top it all off, I went to my brother's wedding this weekend and split the side of BRAND NEW dress pants, WHILE wearing my Spanx! Yeah, I think that's telling me something.
My plan is to find out what REAL portion sizes are and stick to them. That, and I hope to get a membership at a fitness center in Culpeper. Mike and I are moving up there soon, and it would be on the way home from work, so I figured I could stop by for half an hour to an hour a day or so. I'm not going to do any fad diets, I'm going to do it...well...I guess naturally, if you want to call it that. I will log on to here every week with an update as to how much weight loss and/or gain (hopefully none of the latter), and then try to get a picture on here monthly. I know it's going to be a long, hard road, but I hope with your guys' support, I can do it. Feel free to send me comments and e-mails of encouragement. It'll help to know that I have that.
So, without further ado...

Starting weight: 263


  1. I am SO proud of you and will encourage in any way possible. You are so brave and cannot wait to see how to succeed at this - I know you will.:) I'll be your first follower!!!:)

  2. Samantha....I am your number one fan...well, maybe Mike takes that cake...but seriously...I'm excited. Not because you will lose weight (though a perk) I'm excited to read what you have to write, watch how you will grow, and learn from you. Many people will never challenge themselves the way that you are now, and I'm proud of you. You are a woman beyond your years (and I'm not calling you old), and I love you. Hope you're prepared for a lot of comments from me in this journey.