Monday, March 15, 2010

Week #1

Well, the first week is over. As you've read, it hasn't been easy. Not that I particularly thought it would be, but still. I'd like to say I did really well. I only did portion sizes...though I did cheat here or there, mainly with starches. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I just love pasta and mashed potatoes and the like too much. But I only had one helping per meal.
I started at the gym today. Is it okay to say that it was kinda fun? :-) I know, I say that now, right? I did half an hour on the treadmill doing the "calorie burner" setting, and then did a half hour on the bike, again doing the "calorie burner." The treadmill I kept on the original settings for the program. I didn't alter the speed or incline which automatically change throughout the routine. The bike I did second and therefore was a little worn out by the time I got to it, so I had to turn the resistance down. I walked a total of 1.5 miles and then biked 6.8 miles. Needless to say, my legs were the consistency of jelly!
Oh, I have to tell you my first experience at the gym, though, so let me back up. Mike and I get there (he hadn't signed up yet, but I was given a free, one-day guest pass when I signed up and he wanted to go...he's now signed up) and we walk up to the front door. I look on the glass to see the times of operation written boldly on there. I read the line: Mon-Thur 5:30-9:00. I panicked. "Mike," I said. "What time is it?"
"About 4:30. Why?"
"Oh! We can't go in yet. It doesn't open 'til 5:30."
We looked in the building to see people already working out. That's when it hit me...5:30 AM! I smiled sheepishly as Mike's head swayed side to side.
"Shut up," I muttered as I snuck through the door in front of him.
But that's not all. We were shown the locker rooms. We were not shown the locks, however. They were the set-your-own combo lock. Basically, you find a locker that's open, then before you lock it, you can set the numbers to whatever you want. You know, something you can usually REMEMBER. I had forgotten my water, so in between the treadmill and the bike, I went back to retrieve it. I thought I knew the combo. I tried every combo, KNOWING the first and last numbers were 7 and 8. Finally, a nice woman beside me asked, "You forget the combo?"
I sighed. "Yeah."
"You're first time here?"
I grinned. "Yep."
She chuckled. "You can either call up front or go up there and they'll open it for you. I always use my birthday as my combination."
I went up front to get assistance. On the way back to the locker room, the woman asked me, "Is this your first time here?"
That's obvious, you think? "Yeah."
"Well, congratulations! You've just been initiated!" I laughed. She went on, "Believe it or not, I actually get this woman on the phone a lot...'Umm, yeah. I'm a repeat offender.'"
(*sigh*) So, all-in-all, it was an interesting experience. I figure I'll try to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday, about an hour a day.
And after one week...253! Ten whole pounds! SWEET!
(And Eric...Bohler says hi)


  1. oh my goodness 10 POUNDS!!! SAM!!! THATS AWESOME!!!!! I'm so so so stinkin' excited for you!!!:)

    The gym is very fun. At times. Be prepared to hate it at times - I totally go through up and downs and I've been working out for years. I'm sooooo proud of you. GREAT JOB!!! and keep it up!!:)

  2. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!!! Good job Samantha. You are awesome! That's incredible, and I'm sure once you add the working out part that will only accelerate it. Working out though like Anna says, can definitely be a chore sometimes and I absolutely love to workout. The OK Miller's are really proud of you and love reading this blog.