Monday, March 22, 2010

Week #2

I think this week went a lot better than the first. I didn't feel quite as tempted as last week. I was sick most of the week with seasonal allergies...ugh! I think I may have blown the weight out of my nose! It was definitely not a good time to be a groomer!
I did have a "cheat" day on Saturday. We had burgers and potato salad. Anyone who knows me knows I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVE mom's potato salad. So, of course, I snuck a little more than a proper helping! Don't get me was still considerably less than what I'd used to get as a "serving." And I only had one burger. So, really, I think I did pretty darn well!
Mom and dad planted some stuff in the garden this weekend, too. I can't wait to get this house so we can get our own garden started. I LOVE fresh veggies., because not much happened in this past week, I won't keep you guys waiting on the edge of your seats any longer...

248. Yep...another 5 pounds! It's great! So far I love the gym. I've discovered it's a wonderful stress reliever after crap I get from work. It kicked my butt today, though, let me tell you. The tops of my legs were burning while I was on the bike. I guess that's supposed to be a good thing, but it hurt like heck! So, I guess until next time...


  1. way to go sam! i checked b/c i figured the 2nd week was over and you may have an update. the weight loss is the icing on the cake(ooooh, probably not the best expression to use, but you know what i mean!)---even if you didn't lose weight it is clear you are already living a healthier lifestyle both through your eating habits and exercise.
    you are doing great!!! i'm so incredibly impressed

  2. Good job Samantha! I've checked your blog though like 5 times waiting for updates throughout. I'm learning that I must be pretty smart though because I always am going to say what Danielle does, and we all know that she's smart. Congrats and keep it going!