Thursday, March 11, 2010

Veggies with Dessert

Please don't hate me! I had a really weak moment today! I was out with a friend today and we decided to go to Luigi's in Culpeper. It's an Italian restaurant, and anyone who knows me knows well enough that I LOVE pasta! But I was going to be good. I got the vegetarian manicotti Florentine, which has spinach. I had a salad with it. When the meal came, I slowly ate one manicotti, trying to take my time. But as I sat watching Heather and her almost-two-year-old daughter feeding each other's faces (no, literally, Chloe's meal ended up mostly on her face!), the other manicotti was sitting there under my nose. I tried ignoring it, but I had nothing to occupy my mind and/or attention (well, except bread...really, REALLY good homemade bread that I'd already had two pieces). Needless to say, it followed it's twin into my belly. (*hanging my head in shame*) I know! I'm sorry. But that's not all...I had a piece of carrot cake. It was a portion size, in my defense! (*sigh*) At least it was carrot cake...I passed up the Death by Chocolate. I swear it won't happen again...much?

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