Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Very Funny it is to Laugh

For those of you that seem to like my rantings about my temptations and such throughout my dieting, here's a funny little entry for you...
We all know that I LOVE pasta. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that a couple entries ago. Well, tonight mom made spaghetti and her homemade sauce. Salad and Italian bread went with it, of course. I was first up to plate my food. Now, everyone knows that no matter how little spaghetti you want, you always end up with a heaping amount because it all sticks together (unless you use oil or something, but obviously that wasn't the case here and therefore I wouldn't be telling it as part of my funny entry). A portion size is about a cup of pasta. Now, for someone like me who loves pasta, that's not really a whole lot. Mom said I could cheat if I wanted. But I was gonna do it. My little "cheat" day was Saturday with the potato salad, and I wasn't ready for another one yet. So after I managed to separate the spaghetti from itself and put half of what I'd gotten on my plate back, I moved to load up most of my plate with salad. As soon as mom got a plate, she said, "I'll get more than a cup." Chuckling a little, I "thanked" her for rubbing it in. About that time, dad came in to get his plate and gave a long, overly loud gasp. Mom and I turned to him questioningly. "I'm just so used to seeing a plate full of spaghetti in her hands!" he exclaimed, acting completely aghast. I glared at him and kept going.
I guess it was kind of one of those things you had to be there for. The whole situation was really funny. After I ate, I was planning on going back for a second portion-sized helping (I was full, but it was just so freakin' good!!!), but I managed to not get sucked in and had one of my Weight Watchers ice cream bars instead. Those things are good, and even though I'm not doing Weight Watchers, they're still good for being relatively low in calories! On that note, I try to ask myself after one helping of a meal, "Do I really want another helping? If I have another one, then I can't have dessert. Which do I want more?" Of course, dessert always wins!


  1. Wow...that's might find that closing on the house may positively affect your success in attaining your weight loss goals... just saying...

  2. Is Eric saying we aren't supportive????

  3. No...I'm saying that your food is too good...

  4. I can't help it! Thanks you, Eric!